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Low cost, convenient, environmentally friendly, car rental becomes a popular choice for Chinese users. Compared with Europe and America, the Chinese market has its own characteristics and, therefore, the car rental companies in this market are doing your homework, companies that understand the local market, getting a taste for sweetness. &Nbsp;

but this is only one side of the coin.   The flip side, companies invest high cost, China credit system is not perfect, the scale has not been successful, and so on, has also become a bottleneck in the development of the car rental industry. Breakthrough the bottleneck, or will make the car rental industry in China to create a new market.

2006 day of EHI propaganda Tong Shihao Qiming Venture partners were being sent to the Office.

a month to run a different city, tired of each plane is busy looking for the car rental company, he held a try and start trying to car rental services in the country.

booking by phone, text message confirmation, Bill back, in an instant, he used this company for three years of service time. Has not made any mistakes. Tong Shihao EHI CEO Zhang got through the phone, followed by Qiming Venture Partners invested EHI.

a chain of retail, providing car rental services for individuals and corporate clients, in the United States has degenerated into sunset industries, but in China it is a budding "Rookie". While the few investors with Tong Shihao has the same feel, in the past three years, including Qiming, SIG Asia, Hong Kong Maida fund investors to throw in that area to the "ball".

statistics show that last year, China's auto consumption has been ranked the world's second, optimistic this year is expected to jump to the top. In accordance with established international auto market practices, automobile sales profits to total industrial profit rate is low, most of the profits in the service area was later produced.

at present, the long rental, chauffeur, driving three cars the size of the leasing business has $ 1 billion in domestic market by 2015, domestic demand for vehicle rentals will reach or 300,000 dollars, total market size of up to 18 billion yuan, this local car rental companies in China is a power.

scale + management

Tong Shihao, United States rate of private car ownership has reached 100%, and accompanied by severe air pollution, traffic problems and limited resources, so that everyone has a car is not a real problem. "From the perspective of an overall energy strategy, the Government will support the development of the car rental industry. "He said.

Hertz, Avis can be considered struck domestic car rental industry source of green shoots. Founded in 1918, the world's largest car rental company Hertz, the vehicles in the world, with up to 50duowanliang, from credit card secured, zero rent car rental, subversion of the traditional cumbersome car rental procedures, while domestic firms starting from Hertz mode and improved in varying degrees according to their market positioning.

but Hertz in United States 500,000 vehicles behind it was a huge investment in the ownership. In contrast, the local car rental companies currently operating nationwide the longer set up time is less than three years, number in the thousands or so, still belongs to, for upfront capital starved them, will turn its sights on investors and VCs also needs to make a force behind. Local car rental companies in all roads capital are scrambling to chase, rapidly staking, financing is, without exception, will be used to increase the number of vehicles, establish a nationwide network and optimize the layout.

is to the contrary, foreign car rental giant, but early attempts to seize the Chinese market, immature market atmosphere and "acclimatized" suffered most of them back, to leave Chinese industries and enterprises occupy the home advantage of market opportunities.