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Recently, a tourist in the country had the highest click rate on the Forum post Mo Alice rental Sichuan-Tibet line in Shenzhen last month when the rollover accident, two hikers disappeared, two hikers were slightly injured, this is one of the survivors later published memoir of life at the Forum, watching a poignant. It is understood that these Alice in Sichuan, Shenzhen local car rental and hire local drivers through Sichuan-Tibet line to Lhasa, after the rental car they can not contact the travel company, later learned that the company just intermediary and, of course, claim No.

now, more and more hikers car rental self drive holiday, to avoid such tragedy from happening again, in addition to carefully choose the car hire company, must always pay attention to on the go.

car hire multiple identification when seeking protection

today, the growing demand for self-drive car rental car rental market is also booming, but have not been standardized, in addition to a large car rental companies, clubs, auto fans rooms appeared on behalf of the various car rental companies there are many. For offsite to bikers, usually only through the Internet and telephone consulting friends and Word of mouth for screening, but the most important thing is when they arrived in cars multiple identification.

last year, friends rent a car driving in and out of Tibet from Chengdu Leo told reporters that although he and his companions had 10 years of driving experience, has been to Hainan, Hunan and other rental car, but they can't effect that prior to each departure. Leo said that last year more than half a month ahead through Chengdu to introduce and contact information with a number of car rental companies can be found online, ask the model, condition, and price, two companies were selected, after Chengdu, they also devoted one day to visit car rental company car, finally set the procedures road. "Rental car must not be measured by price, would rather spend money to choose good condition good, guaranteed vehicle and car rental companies. "Leo warned.

according to reporter approached several friends drove you know, when you visit the car rental company, you must first verify the qualification of the car rental company, such as a company's business license, business life, Auto ID card of the legal representative of the company, it is best to find large chain of car rental companies, credit guarantees. In addition, you want to stay yigexinyan better not convenience for rental companies who drive directly to the designated location, instead, took the trouble to go to the car rental company Office.

when the car was from Guangzhou alone since the arrival of old Tibet reminded the riders according to their experience of vehicle inspection, examination content includes not only new NET car looks, and the useful life of the vehicle, number of kilometres is over. Zhang told reporters: "some car rental companies might learn jeepers route in advance, if you think it's too dangerous, and generally requires vehicles be equipped with local drivers, if you must, then for the driver's qualifications should also be reviewed. ”

syndrome differentiation of vehicle accidents is subject to carefully

many people have the habit of buying insurance, but a lot of people think that weekday purchased life insurance, when travelling abroad I won't have to take out travel accident insurance. In fact, some accident insurance does not necessarily include the contents of a drive, so before starting, it is best to check carefully whether the policy has such provisions.

formal of car rental company General will in loan vehicles Shi help car rental who while purchase related of accident insurance, except vehicles damaged insurance zhiwai, plenty of for since driving friends I of insurance, these must purchase, but recommends car rental who best see a see this copies policy, note left according to, figure out insurance company, and claims range, and policy,, basic information, if think premium too low, best himself money again purchase, because after all since driving holiday, and in not familiar of road in the driving, risk relative high, A policy normally dozens of Yuan, however, may offer better protection, is also worthwhile.

keep an eye out in the process

self-drive journey, bad roads, not cooked, plus long-distance driving, believe very accident prone. Moreover, some car rental needs and driver hire, although for security reasons, but Alice on the Sichuan-Tibet road in Shenzhen this thing overturned into the River, the vehicle has been the most dangerous of the Sichuan-Tibet Road area but still had an accident after police investigation results are going too fast cause. Therefore, in the drive way, be sure to remind the drivers to observe the speed from time to time, even for yourself or a friend, when it was going too fast, not due to face in silence, it's safety first.

in addition, many cars are usually team action, then best equipped with radio in the car, feel free to pass their respective situations, in the event of accident can instantly rescue.

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popular car line of dangerous sections

Sichuan-Tibet line

roads condition: Sichuan-Tibet line may be the most dangerous road in the world, but also routes in the most beautiful way to Tibet. Many Sichuan-Tibet line to climb the mountain, the most dangerous sections of many, like Dong Dashan, Sparrow Hill, Tongmai mountain, one side is steep, while the cliffs, Cliff is below the waters of the River, are often even older drivers steer nervous sweat. In addition, debris flow landslides in Sichuan-Tibet road road especially, mudslides and landslides have occurred in the State in general terms reached Basu, Bomi to several fixed locations such as Yi Zhen, proposal through in good weather. There are many Alpine cliffs road, some at one point is only a car passing by.

Yunnan-Tibet line

roads condition: Yunnan-Tibet line of South Yunnan Dali, North of Tibet mangkang, passing up in ethnic minority areas, you can enjoy colorful ethnic customs. Diancanglu better than the Sichuan-Tibet road, but after entering the Lancang River Valley sections are also frequently occur in deqin mud-rock flow and landslides, is very dangerous.

Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie Tongtian Avenue

roads condition: Zhangjiajie Tongtian Avenue 10.77 km, soared from 200 m to 1300 m above sea level, just 99 curved, steep climb on both sides, known as "the first Highway wonders." Driving very foggy feeling in here, if you are not careful, very dangerous.

Burma Road

road reminded: Guizhou Yunnan Myanmar highway of "Qinglong 24 road turn" full length 3.7 km, vertical drop nearly 300 meters, in history Shang had is a article military transport trunk road, 24 road turn more road urgent, many SUV hand are will here set for himself life in the must to conquered of sections one of, certainly is on since driving friends of level once quite big of test.