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Double golden week is over, and different is this year of tourism consumption "popular" trend, effects in the same city, a family holiday great led the way with innovation, freedom more personalized car rental car people rush in addition to public transport and the main way to travel.

since car rental self drive travel lines, more free time, vehicle selection, convenience, many of the "family tour" and "group" users of rental holiday special all ages. From China's largest chain of car rental suppliers-EHI data show that 11 year period, EHI store occupancy rate across the country has reached 100%, all vehicles are being booked up prior, some cities appeared near 40% more waiting in line to order.

eHI's marketing Chief, said that except on the North, and wide, deep and other first-tier cities, Suzhou, Guilin, Hangzhou, a tourist city rental rates are also all red. Mainly to family visits and excursions car rental suppliers, makes many consumers feel the benefits of car travel, convenient online booking and perfect service system, make a Hey a lot of "free exercise" of choice for car rental.

nowadays, the emerging car rental companies represented by Hi, to carry out "two cards one card" mode of convenient car rental, rent a car driving fast into people's vision, for a lot of car for the first time consumers, EHI expert cautions, rental cars to fully understand the condition before, roads and oil condition, reduce the inconvenience of fault. In case of traffic accidents, should be alert and contact your leasing company. In addition, consumers also pay attention to the time, place, so as to avoid timeout resulted in additional expenditure, therefore, EHI provides a convenient remote vehicles, door-to-door delivery, door-to-door, airport pickup and other diversified services, greatly facilitated travel customers.

according to professionals, said with the increase of mass consumption trends, rental car the Green way to travel, will become another important way people travel in the future.