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, rescue and the danger of introduction:

1, once you rent the vehicle status cannot be driven normally, you need to make a reservation by telephone to notify rescue, rescue personnel will contact you phone. Can solve over the phone, rescue will tell you how to troubleshoot on the phone if the phone is able to work, aid in the shortest possible period of time to get to your location for your troubleshooting.

 2 insurance, once you go out, you first need to dial 122 to phone the police to handle traffic need a liability decision-books, the responsibility for the accident determined that the book is basis for insurance claims, and then you call the reservation center, insurance, informed the Department of insurance by the reservation center, you only need to contact you to assist with insurance claims, insurance business. If you are a residential or non-accident within the scope of the traffic Administrative Department of management, you need to register with the local authority's certificate.

3, accident repairs below 1000 Yuan paid by the customers themselves; more than 1000 fully paid by the insurance; more than 1000 50% Baoding loss amount paid by the customer as the vehicle accelerated depreciation and the rest from insurance payouts.

      er, economy car rental Tip: If you are traveling by car, the most common models price is 200 Yuan/day, if driving in a circle around Chengdu to play, is a bargain. If you have to drive to a remote, you must first inform the store and submit the corresponding long distance surcharges, proof of acquisition of additional fees security deposit, to ensure that the needs in the field. Non-member daily limit drove 200 kilometers, extra cars to differences. If you would have extra, you can inform the store or to a certain amount of money in the store, and will, in the end of preferential charges extra fees.