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&Nbsp;    rent a car what documents are required? For businesses or individuals of a different nature, required documents differ, generally divided into the following categories:

 , enterprises: 1 duplicate of business license, business card 2 of information, unit certification letter or stamp 4 in Chapter 3, contract, lessee's translator's ID card, driver's license

  II, private and collective enterprises: 1 duplicate of business license, business card 2 introduction, legal representative ID card 3, unit 4, contract seal or seal 5, lessee's translator's booklet,   ID card and driver's license

  III, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas guests: 1, return of certificate or Passport 2, international driver's license 3, the guarantor and the guarantor must have a proper job

  four, residents: 1 I 2 booklet, identity cards and driving licences, the guarantor booklet, ID 3, city residents and their guarantors must have a proper job, the guarantor must be immediate family  

  Note: requires the use of the documents are originals. All car drivers driving age limit.