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   check your hardware safe: before setting out, in addition to basic knowledge of driving, but also need to conduct comprehensive checks on vehicles, And with the necessary equipment and sufficient food to ensure safe driving. First before setting out for leased vehicles and company staff to do a comprehensive examination, for a thorough check of all parts of vehicles is essential, mainly warm air systems, brake systems, engine systems, lighting systems and tires. Such as headlight speeding at night, is a very important factor to ensure traffic safety; road prone to ice cold in winter, tire checks are particularly important. Second refueling checks, including engine oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid; in addition, check before driving to do, such as seats, mirrors and so on, long-distance travel, after all, easy fatigue; and, finally, pay attention to safe driving, at just the right speed to determine reasonable travelling distance, fog and other weather, be sure to stop the service area, check fault accidents must be set when the security warning signs. Also pay attention to the security, public parking and parking at night, be sure to look around, locked the car doors and Windows, valuables should not be placed in the car.

   avoid long-distance driving fatigue: car long drive way for charged with the important responsibilities of the driver needs to keep in mind is to avoid driver fatigue. Rent a car in while enjoying convenient transportation, do not ignore security, must maintain a high concentration of attention. If driving friends feel particularly tired, suggested a bit more driving again after a break.