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1. illegal deposit instructions:

customers and car rental company when you sign the rental contract, agreed to return after the closing in accordance with pengcheng company paid illegal deposit of 1000 Yuan.

2. citation processing told companies in the query to the customer after the violation, will immediately inform the customer of his violation information, customers but also according to each time you rent a car's license plate number and time, to query whether there is traffic safety violations, Customer shall handle or agreed to by the statue of the company on behalf of its vehicles in violation of, and the need to pay the following expenses:

a) vehicle leases in the actual amount of the penalty;

b) vehicle lease violation that occurs within points of processing costs, (every 50 than the agent fee)

  company reserves the right in the customer's deposit illegally deducted costs above, if there is insufficient notice of deposit, the customer is obliged to excess remitted to the company's designated account.