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Rent a popular new trend in travel mode

      at present, China has become the world's third-largest car market, Beijing has less than 10 people in a private car. Faced with the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues, economical car rental become a way of life, and when car owner fresh recede, people gradually return to rational consumption. Rising oil prices, increasing various additional costs of maintaining a car, makes more and more people choose to rent a car. Now, car rental is a popular choice for business people and the younger generation, highly sought after.
According to China auto rental staff disclosed that at present, car rental booking orders are increasing. On one hand, for the general public, rental car benefit is to save energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Although private cars is easy, but are required to pay additional expenses--mortgage, gas, oil change and maintenance fees, parking fees and insurance. While the car rental fee for those who cannot afford private cars who have access to a car. The other hand, China auto rental is 50 percent off activities have also attracted many members of the public, according to the China auto rental staff since March 1 start of 50 percent off activities, appointment orders so far are exploded. The activities will last until March 31, and in that time, China auto rental stores all across the country are involved in this activity, which in addition to Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GL8, lacrosse does not participate in preferential activities, were all involved in other models, but does not participate in a 50 percent discount on cars can still enjoy a 7-day or 30-day package. Also need to remind everyone: consumers must book online in order to enjoy this offer, book through call centers or stores are not involved in this activity and the activity cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, for example, China auto rental booking online state minus 20, first rent half price on the first day experience offers cannot be used in the same period.
Today, the car more and more sought after, its environmental benefits, means there are fewer cars produced, and maximize the value of each car can be. China auto rental offers a wide range of booking car rental was to give members of the public bring quick and easy, and simple car rental formalities and the increasingly fashionable way of cars but also to promote the full use of resources of the modern automobile, and plays a role in promoting the environmental protection. Believe rent will become city modern and efficient the Green way to travel, and are highly sought after car rental industry will usher in a better future.