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Fear "meets" luxury car rental companies collectively increase the sum insured

&Nbsp;    fear "meets" luxury car rental company collective rising amount  

     car insurance coverage do you want raised? Apart from the ability to pay,   key to see the usual driving  

     "Please note, note, driving a Rolls Royce Airport Road, requested the attention of vehicle collision avoidance, pay attention to avoid! "Burst out all over" rolls higher compensation for the crash event ", the netizens and drivers on busy for two things, one is writing and saying" Hao avoidance guidelines ", the second is to contact the insurance company, trying to raise third party liability limit, in order to plan peace of mind.

worried about cleaning the car   Hangzhou car owners to raise auto insurance coverage

Mr TAM a   in Hangzhou;

     unit, he drove a Polo 1.6 , the purchase prices is 126,000 yuan nude cars. In mid-March this year, Mr TAM's Polo is for less than a year. Zhiqian, Tan only 300,000 yuan each year for third party liability insurance, the watch is due to expire, although usually open fairly carefully, scratch less accidents, but TAM still planned to get off looking for account managers to improve the line.

     "account managers of insurance companies said that even if insured referred to from 300,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, premium more than more than more than 200 Yuan. Vehicle collision recently so much, if I accidentally ' rub ' Rolls-Royce, don't cry. Just spend a little more money to guarantee a peaceful. "Tan told reporters.

     yesterday afternoon, reporters contacted several insurance companies in Hangzhou main, Mr TAM's thoughts are not isolated cases were found, and recently there have been many owners intended to improve coverage. Even insurance companies, told reporters last week, there is a car rental company in Hangzhou, collective to lifted dozens of cars for third party liability insurance lines, unified regulating more than 500,000 yuan.

     You Xiangshi PICC insurance underwriting Manager also told reporters that "recent owners of the improving coverage, just not too much. ”

     You Xiangshi said, is currently in the setting of auto insurance rates, 500,000 yuan and 1 million yuan of premium set the gap is not very big. Accident compensation seems high, but overall is very small. "For example, if your car is insured for 500,000 yuan, year 2000 insurance premiums. Sum insured for 1 million Yuan, premium only 2500 Yuan. ”

     ping an insurance underwriting Department Manager also said that at discounted prices to calculate, just an extra 200 Yuan a year, will be able to increase the liability limit of 200,000 yuan.

these cases   owners may wish to consider raising auto insurance coverage

     spend few money raised the sum insured, what should or should not go up? 500,000 ordinary van insurance is suitable for General passenger car?

     You Xiangshi commissioned a reporter reminded vehicle owners that going to raise coverage depends on two points, the owner's ability to pay and the usual driving conditions. Capacity to pay, needless to say, is 2nd, wanted to increase the sum insured owner, taking into account what is their peace drive on the road.

     "If most of it was only open to and from work, and walking in the city, it faces less risk, grazing cars, after all, is a small probability events,  50 million of insurance coverage would meet the individual car owners. If you constantly at high speed, or in other circumstances, would require larger amount. Of course, for more money in a few, owners of the ability to pay raise is not a bad idea. ”

     Sun insurance Zhejiang branch Auto Insurance Department of related people introduced, currently Sun insurance Auto Insurance customer in, about has 70% above of customer select of are is insured 500,000 yuan of third party responsibility insurance, "actually, 500,000 Yuan has can cover most of traffic accident processing has, if again plus make strong insurance of 120,000 yuan, that on has more than 600,000 Yuan has, even is out has problem, meet General of accident also enough has. ”

     the source concluded that urban areas, domestic motor insurance to 500,000 yuan enough; operating, non-urban uses, in particular running speed, 1 million Yuan is appropriate, "the domestic motor insurance to 500,000 yuan and 1 million Yuan, before the fold difference of 500 Yuan, meanwhile, folded after the accident the previous year, a minimum of 70 percent off. "