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Rent a car arriving scam without spending the money first into a cell

&Nbsp;    two young people from the car rental company car rental, fake vehicles travel card as collateral, to borrow from others for consumption, but did not get a penny into the cell. Pei County, Jiangsu Province, the Procuratorate recently to the crime of contract fraud prosecuted according to law, the County Court sentenced the two men sentenced to 3 years and 3.5 years. &Nbsp;

     not long ago, the defendant Wang (born 1991) because they are short of money, came up with an idea, go rent a car charges give someone some money. Because he had worked at a car rental company for a while, knows most of the rental company car GPS positioning is not available, this company wanted to rent a car. But at the same time, Wang given to myself and the leasing company who knew, neither car rental, so the thought of junior high school students swallow some. Wang yan consulted, say waiting when taken give him thousands of Yuan of money, Yan readily agreed. In order to not be found, Wang will put advertising link Identity document forgery, yan's pictures, made out of a "qinkun" name, identity card number, produce "qinkun" driver's license.

     subsequently, Wang Guo a, go to the car rental company to head a cordial conversation, then swallow a fake driver's license, to "qinkun" in the name of the company car, pretending and Wang did not know, two people in front of Guo yan played "oboe", black 1 Royal cars tricked out. The two defendants after the car to find a mortgage company, Feng, I only wish to over 15000 Yuan, they too little mortgage money, not settled, drove back to Pei. Because two people have no money, can not pay rent, three-day rental period, and did not dare to return vehicles, unloaded the car brand, hiding his rented car.

     when the lease term expires, Kwak wasn't returning the car, quickly took out the lease contract of "qinkun" at the above phone number, but turned out to be empty. Guo Wang present during the rental car, he asked whether they knew yan found a, Wang mouth denies. But Guo from the unnatural look, feel is wrong, and put Wang Yu listed to the police station. Wang Yu was finally told the truth. After the incident, the rent of the vehicle was recovered for reimbursement of victims.   Although they are not mortgaged out money on a vehicle, the Court held that his two men rent a car using a false identity, and cannot afford to pay the rent, not for normal use, but to a mortgage scam, so the cheat's activities constituted the crime of contract fraud. After appraisal, the car valued at RMB 60700, the decision was made by.