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Chauffeur drive home, husband and brother are not the

&Nbsp;    about 4:14 P.M. the day before yesterday, Fang Yang Zhen Ke Shan Qiao, Zhangzhou changtai road traffic accident occurred, a taxi hit a roadside on the concrete fence corner, killing two men, including the driver died on the spot, while a man and a woman and two men were trapped, seriously. Changtai County Fire Services, police, 120 and the local police station to quickly rush to rescue will soon be rescued injured. Man, was rescued but injured, rescue invalid was killed.

     It is understood that the named Xu Moulan rescued a woman who was injured in the accident, had been transferred to Zhangzhou 175 hospital for medical treatment. 46, Xu LAN, is Fang Yang town, changtai, injury is "a general multiple rib fractures". 3 men died in the accident, in addition to the taxi driver, another 2 men is her brother Xu (56 years old) and her husband Huang (age 46).

     according to Uncle zihuang Mr Xu LAN, the day of the incident, brother, sister in law and sister in law brother 3 to Zhangzhou city, and then a taxi home, is ten or twenty minutes to get home, but on his way out.

     preliminary judge according to the traffic police, the cause of the accident may be slippery in the rain taxi speed is too fast, only accidentally from the corner hit the cement fence on the corner, but the details have yet to be further investigation and verification.