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Affiliated vehicle accident exclusions "Lai" company inventory

&Nbsp;    anchored in the name of commercial vehicles had an accident, should bear the responsibility of transport companies money rather than compensation. In response to this situation, 22nd, Nanning xixiangtang district people's Court started the "spring action", focuses on two transport companies in 10 or so cases fines, detentions, searches and other coercive measures.

     the same day at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters with xixiangtang District Court a group of executives to searches of a car transport company, located in Anji road. It is understood that the shipping company has a number of affiliated vehicle traffic accident occurred, resulting in a traffic accident compensation disputes. But the shipping company without compensation. At present, the company has been involved in 10 cases, the subject of nearly 1 million Yuan.  

     It is understood that executives had repeatedly come to the company by the Court, but company officials in a variety of excuses to compensation. When queries to the company's bank account, the Court found that its normal business for years, but did not make much money on the account. Therefore, the Court decided to search it. This time, the company officials say there is no money for compensation. Yan said disputes are companies affiliated to the following vehicle, so companies are reluctant to compensate, and no money for compensation. For daily income gone, yan has faltered not said.

     following the RAID, court enforcement officers to identify the company's large collection of evidence. This evidence shows that it is not money, but the employees ' money into his personal account. Thus, executive officers suspect that the company suspected of concealing, transferring assets to avoid Court. The same day, court personnel will be brought back for further investigation. This reporter has learned, xixiangtang District Court's "Spring Thunder operation" will be 1 month.