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Car rental specifically single women 4 robbery suspects were arrested by clouds

&Nbsp;    4 young man, drove a leased car every night at jinyang, Baiyun area around. Once found walking alone in remote sections of single women, they got off their bus robbery by force. Through analysis, investigation of the case by the police, smashed the series car robberies. Yesterday morning, the white cloud police released to the media in this case.

     since mid-October last year, the white cloud police alarm several times single women, who was on his way home from work on two or three men forcibly dragged car robbery, on the property after a search light, also being drove to the Bank door and forcibly pressed after a bank card password will take the money.

     the high incidence of cases, caused a cloud of police attention, this suspect to be brought to justice, the police decided to look for a breakthrough from the victims.

     in a return visit to the victims, the police learned that several suspects in the case are 18-22 man who speaks with a local accent, use of car is sedan, when committing ATM machines are all in the same draw. Aware of this situation, the police immediately contact the Bank, taking the Bank's surveillance video.

     is in the tension of police investigation, was robbed on January 12 this year, and a single woman. At the time to investigate the case, the police found the suspect in a Bank surveillance video clear appearance.

    2 9th early this morning, police captured the suspects in a sauna shop Fu long (not his real name), and may 11 young people back to the police station in connection with an investigation. Two separate trials, two out of 11 people in connection with the case. Based on clues from 3 suspects, the Police successfully captured 4th at noon on the day of the suspects.

     of the 4 suspects accountable, since mid-October last year, they were in Tai CI Qiao, jinyang, Baiyun district and other places, driving a rented car robbery with a knife more than more than 20 cases, involving nearly 100,000 yuan.

     at present, 4 suspects have been detained by police.