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Car hire simple timing, quality, prices and insurance

&Nbsp;    this spring, the little family of three rental cars in Beijing returned home in Henan province. He told reporters that a unit close to home, usually by car is to go out to play on the weekend, so, rent a car than to buy a car deal.

     every holiday, choose to rent a home, like Mike outing, relatives and people more and more, naturally, takes fire car rental market. Due to the lump-sum purchase pressure and many car policies, pursuit of quality of life of young people, began with a car needs to rent a car this way.

    , never rent a car, consumers lack car rental experience, rent a car what to do preparatory work before, rent a car when you pay attention to what issues?


     both festivals and is the weekday travel, choose the rental time is very important.

     at present, most of the car rental industry by "sections" meals, seasonal are particularly strong. Chinese new year, difficult to get a car; on weekdays, many vehicles idle.

     number of car rental companies to ensure prime-time vehicle, and having to maintain a considerable number of vehicles. Rental car companies in order to regulate supply and demand contradiction, developed a price adjustment. Generally, Monday to Thursday, and rental cars are cheaper; from Friday to Sunday, rental cars are more expensive, every Chinese new year, 51, the third, the Mid-Autumn Festival and other holidays, car rental companies will rent a car prices.

     so, if there are conditions to avoid holidays, select ahead of the peak excursion, you can save a lot car rental fees. Some car rental companies offer, for example, rent a car manual Peugeot 207, 7 days rental is 610 Yuan; if the golden week, especially during the Spring Festival, rent the same car for 7 days at least 1463, and some companies will be higher.

     in addition, under a single reservation in advance is also important. At holidays, cannot close before the break only to confirm my rental car. At this time is very difficult to get satisfactory models.

optional mass---

    , according to statistics on taxi and car rental Association, the current domestic car rental company with thousands of large and small. These car rental companies, size, with or without qualification, number of vehicles, as well as service standards differences are large.

     experience, the bigger the car rental company, the better the service, wider vehicle selection procedures more convenient, more service specification.

    , select the car rental company, the best car rental companies to choose a formal qualification. Ranked in the top three of Beijing China auto rental, EHI, Guangzhou, Shanghai Supreme car rental, is a national chain rent-a-car brand, and in major cities across the country also has some well-known car rental companies, such as capital auto rental companies in Beijing.


     select the car rental company, you can go through the relevant formalities.

     than before, many car rental companies simplify the process, car rent procedures easier and faster. Consumers bring their own second generation ID card (not), a valid driver's license (issuing more than 6 months, a driver's license and duplicate copies), full credit (more than 6000 Yuan credit limit), you can in the on-site car rental stores procedures.

     in addition to the shop go through relevant procedures, many car rental companies also provide telephone or Web hosting services, which consumers can be booked in the company's official website, or call the toll-free hotline, tell us the car, places and dates of pick-up, then make an appointment to shop for car clearance.

     is in need of attention, in front of the car, to advance understanding of car rental companies available for car models, car, to determine whether it for their own needs.

     selection of vehicles, from car rental use considerations. If it is a long distance trip, the best selection of spacious and comfortable cars; if poor roads, you'd want to choose the off-road performance vehicles; if it is a commercial activity, it should choose the atmosphere in high-end commercial vehicles.

     finished the rental formalities, also signed a tenancy agreement, credit card rental authorization.

     when signing the rental contract, be sure to carefully read the rental contract, see the provisions on related matters must be agreed in order to avoid unnecessary disputes after the rental car, the extra cost of paying more.

    , paying special attention to mileage leased vehicle per day limit mileage, as well as accounting standards after the limit is exceeded.

insurance and security deposit---

     needs to remind the consumers attention is rental car insurance.

     normal circumstances, car rental companies will buy insurance products according to their needs, but some leasing companies in order to reduce the cost of not buying insurance. Therefore, when signing the contract, consumers should ask.

     in addition to traffic outside the compulsory insurance, usually buying stolen rescue, vehicle insurance, car third party liability insurance, the range of persons on liability insurance, glass breakage and any excess risk alone.

     verify the insurance situation, even once the danger, how insurance costs during the settlement, as well as the vehicles are parked, stopped charging, fees and so on. If there are objections, face-to-face consultations, so as to avoid later disputes.

     makes some consumers feel trouble and deposit it in a procedure.

     deposit has two, one for rental deposit, one for illegal deposit.

     car rental security deposit, payable with credit card authorization, according to the different models, different amounts. Car rental security deposit just freeze credit card credit limit, undo pre-authorization when returning the car, banks will, within 7 working days to thaw.

     notice of deposit, customer car, store after the vehicle deposit pre-authorization undo, brush a 1000 Yuan of illegal deposit pre-authorization (different car rental companies, in different cities, different amounts). If no violation in the 30th, the banks will deposit thaw, about 3 working days to the account (with specific banks shall prevail).


     contract is the last content filled in vehicle form. Together, these two parties identified the condition. Ring car inspection is very important, then when it comes to car and therefore must not be careless.

     ring check general appearance from the beginning, careful identification of the body has no scratches, including headlights are complete (lights, lamp shades have no damage), locks are normal and windscreen damage and so on. Also tested vehicle tyre wear, spare tire tire pressure, high and low, as well as the tools required to change a spare tire, and finally to verify the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning. After you check the car to perform simple test drives, to determine the basic conditions of the vehicle.

     after a check condition, consumers still have to check vehicle documents are complete, such as a driving license, insurance certificate.

the car---

     consumer vehicles, with store staff, vehicle and settlement. Under normal circumstances, also in front of the gas tank should be filled with oil. Customer is responsible for the fuel used during the rental. If you return the car oil when the oil is under the car, difference according to the vendor the relevant stipulations concerning collection of the rental contract.

     a lot of people very interested in rental car company's ability to provide remote service. At the national level, most national chains rental companies provide this service. If the road is far, and kept consumers cannot insist on driving the return, you can choose to drive to a destination near the car. However, the relatively high cost of offsite.

     car rental company provides long-distance car travel distance in accordance with departure and return to order 1 prices are charged per kilometre. For example, consumer rental cars from Beijing, Nanjing, calculated in accordance with 1065 km away from Beijing and Nanjing, you need to pay 1065 long distance fares.

     more car rental program, seem cumbersome and complex, but there are two or more experience, the process is very simple.