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Pride car hire even rented a few convicted money owed rent

&Nbsp;   heard a vehicle leasing contract disputes in zongyang County, a young man for rent owed to the car rental company was sentenced to pay back the money.

defendant Chen Qian Qiao Zhen in zongyang County people, due to business needs, to plaintiffs in zongyang County, a car rental company, has leased 4 different models of Passat, Zhonghua junjie cars, and decided to rent for 200 and 240 Yuan.

     after the expiration of the contract, Chen has not led to rent increases each day, times collect car rental company after, Chen will continue, but only paid part of the rent, and caused a Passat car destroyed.

     subsequently, the leasing company to collect owed rent again, but Xiao Chen's phone is in a shutdown state, car rental companies but under a lawsuit case in zongyang Court, asked the Court to sentence Chen to pay the remaining rent and repair of more than 30,000 yuan.

     the Court said: equality between the legal rights and interests should be protected. Between Chen and the car rental companies voluntarily signed the rental agreement between the parties, in accordance with the agreement, Chen is required to pay rent and responsibility for maintenance of the vehicle during the rental period and duty of care and support plaintiffs ' claims to the Court's decision, ruling after the Court decision becomes effective, Chen returned a car rental company rents and repairs 31380 Yuan.  

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