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Hot car rental market in Hainan, no change in prices

When the North wind and snow, and many cities in the South are still warm and lush. More and more travelers to the South in search of winter's "warm nest", where the climate of Hainan special nature is a good choice. Recently, the well-known travel sites ranked the same way networks released the popular winter tourist destinations, ranks among the top three in Hainan, and became one of the most popular tourist destinations this winter. But with the advent of Hainan's tourist season, increasing number of tourists visiting Hainan, Hainan's rental market has taken off.

Xinhua learned from the Hainan auto rental, inquire hire with an endless stream of people recently, and many rental cars include Jetta, Santana, Chery QQ, middle of the more popular models such as availability is very hot right now. Hainan driving near Suzhou citizens returning from Mr LI told reporters, "because there is no rental market in Hainan is expected to be so popular, unprepared before to Hainan, results for Hainan to find several car rental or rent a suitable car."

Hainan for increasingly hot rental market, same way net rental Ma Heping, head of the project said, Hainan has gradually into the tourist season, but there no any car rental prices were virtually unchanged. Industry analysts point out that, with the new year's day, Chinese new year car rental market heating up in Hainan, will appear different in terms of price rise. "With strong demand for holiday rental, there is need to work better for consumers to book well in advance", Ma Heping added, consumers should try to choose a formal car hire, car rental car rental qualifications prior to a comprehensive understanding of the situation, avoid leasing affiliated car rental cars, beware of informal interim driver personnel. Also, should also fully understand the rental process, vehicle testing and additional charges, so as to avoid disputes.