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&Nbsp;     with car rental travel heat wave, many people want to take advantage of the Festival-long road trip. Many people who have a driver's license may choose to rent a car to scenic.
Self drive trip, avoid to carefully check the condition before, and carries some of the self rescue tool. Self drive trip to walking routes, bikers at first before making plans about road conditions, such as whether to banned, diversions, road repair, choose a suitable route, so as not to delay the trip arrangements.
Accustomed to driving in the city, to the suburbs often have not used. Especially open to complex mountain roads, ditches, will inevitably be a bit frightened.
Through the mountain, mountain backer on the side, the other side of the cliffs or rivers, narrow pavement, corners, cave, limited vision, found difficult to advance to opposite, pose a potential risk to road safety. You should choose the middle of the road or mountain side drive, turn should bear in mind the "deceleration, and trumpet, keep to the right" way, always pay attention to the opposite cars and road conditions. Sections in danger should stop to see clear, slow adoption, under the premise of ensuring safety, and should pay attention to items not on the cars and car collision with Hill.
Through the ditches when vehicles across the shallow Groove low speed slow and diagonal cross into to make round across the ditch, and another round of coaxial into the ditch. Cross deep ditches, 1 block by vehicle if all drives should be started. Into the Groove bottom should step on the gas when the wheels fast climb up the gully.
Through the Valley and when the qiuhe ravine, should select the appropriate location. Should stop before through observation, and low-speed close to reach the shore, should be based on brake control wheel slowly into the Valley, so hit the bottom at the front wheels and then accelerating to normal speed, front wheel contacts across the throttle to climb up the top.
Through the steep ramp shall promptly correct judgment, according to the vehicle climbing power shift speed in gear or low gear in advance. To keep the vehicle has enough power, not inertia such vehicles disappeared and then shift to prevent parking or slip after. If forced to stop, should be stopped and started again, so as not to damage the parts and even cause accidents. If gear failed causing vehicle slipped after stalling, don't panic and immediately stopped using the foot brake and hand brake car (don't step on the clutch). If you are still unable to stop the car, the steering wheel should be to the mountain side, using the rear arrived on the mountain, using natural barriers to stop the car. Downhill engine brake control traction resistance and foot speed, prohibition of the slide and try to avoid using the emergency brake.
In order to better ensure that the car can navigate all the way, at each break en route, surrounded by car you check around, excluding tyres, brakes, steering and goods and other small problems. Long distance driving and driving in the city is not the same, in remote areas, pedestrian and vehicle traffic regulations are relatively indifferent, so less had better not catch less car on the road section of Starsky and Hutch, to be alert to unexpected situations.