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College student vacation rental self drive tour boom

&Nbsp;   School of journalism, Renmin University graduate student Wei Hong flew in early September began to plan their holiday travel plans. In previous years, the national day holiday arrangement is different, and this time he decided to try car rental self drive. "We had 8 students, ready to book two cars, from Beijing to Chengde, Hebei opportunites. Our class 4 had a driver's license, there are more than 1000 km of driving experience. "Careful Wei students economic accounts: car rental plus gas, tolls, parking fees, and no more than 400 Yuan per day per vehicle, on average less than 100 Yuan to each student. "A car is convenient and affordable, maybe than by train round trip, then take a taxi transfer sites spend less. "

Wei said, he and his classmates look up contrast a number of car rental, although two weeks to proceed, still failed to reserve the right of the Chevrolet Cruze, to choose other models. Wei classmates some frustration: "my standard is a sedan, automatic transmission, new vehicles, but sought after models have been booked, I have virtually no choice in the matter, also had to pay rent on the first day only to early cars. ”

this year's "11" holiday, Beijing University students has car rental travel plans, and some early ready to drive the Raiders. Experience fresh and exciting, seek to facilitate, train driving skills, is the main motivation of college student select car rental self drive. Many people carpool driving, car rental costs we assessed, objectively in accordance with the economic condition of University students.

Zhongguancun, a chain of car rental shop process manager, near long enough to consulting, set cars and car every day who looked a lot this year, "student car rental lot number, non-civil. "East Gate of Tsinghua University is located in another car, accounted for" location "attracted a lot of students of Tsinghua University. Beijing three chain car rental service provider China auto rental, EHI, extreme car hire most of the models were booked up early.

faced with strong rental demand, many rental car up "11" rental price for the holiday period. I compared the prices of models before and after the holiday, found during May Day holiday in Beijing, car rental prices rising by an average of about 20%. 08 Buick excelle 1.6 liter automatic transmission models, for example, EHI usually rent for every 279 Yuan, raised to 359 during May Day holiday; with car rental in China auto rental, extreme car rental are different levels to rise, from 219, 301 Yuan float to 249, 382. In accordance with industry practices, most car rental holiday rent a car without concessions, such as the first rental day at half price, a specific bank cards reduced-rate and other common activities are all cancelled.

Meng Yibo Renmin University College students this term was elected to the national people's Congress, President of the Association of friends of the car. More and more college students are interested in driving schools in numerous student organizations, well-known steam society also started small. Meng Yibo said people driving activities carried out by the Association go to the hire. When the qingming holiday this year, was University of Forestry Association in conjunction with rented 3 cars, students had organized a two-day Beijing-Tianjin carpool opportunites. Took over as President after he received a call from outside the car rental, look for collaborative opportunities, and offers to attract students to the customer.

indeed, many car rental pay attention to college students. Car rental and even tailored car rental programmes for student groups. A car hire specialized students additional car rental, simplify college student membership procedures, provide ID card, driver's license, student ID card, education certificate, fill in an application form to apply to become a student member. Car rental without guarantees and deposits after the student membership, you can self drive hire Gower, POLO two models, daily rent is 100, 150, daily kilometer limit 200 kilometers. And the same models, non-students pay 2000 Yuan in cash as collateral.

Cheung rental cars for college students on campus users "threshold" lower: 18 years of age, provide a valid driver's license, identity card and student ID card. And student car rental can save 20 Yuan a day, even during golden week to rent without charges. Low "threshold" and discounted prices, attracted many customers. 2009 start date, Michael Cheung campus car rental has been quickly growing to 12 models, more than 40 vehicles the size of cars.