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Car hire out rental car people without shadows

&Nbsp;   Su Buick excelle sedan after the lease to a lady, originally stipulated in the contract expired on March 6, but now a few days later, not only the lessor can not contact, the car was gone. Mr found through the vehicle location system in Guangdong at present, although already know the car's position, but not contact customers, how to get the car became a problem again.

    9 morning, reporters saw are worrying about Mr. Mr so families with two cars, he put a Buick excelle anchored in a rental car rental companies. In early January this year, a woman came to the car rental company, renting this Buick car for two months and pay 5000 Yuan deposit, returned March 6 in accordance with the contract. But in the 6th, Mr but could not contact the woman, also don't know where to go.

     "because the car is going to keep, so the 6th I will contact the Lady, was still able to reach, now people could not be found anymore. "Mr so said, he was in accordance with the contract on your home address to find the car man, but never found. Mr by querying the onboard navigation system, found out that the car was to the Chaozhou in Guangdong. Journalists and contact the car rental company was informed that Mr did they call a car, and that they will be able to get the car back.

     Mr Su said, are most concerned about is to find back his car. At present, Su has already reported the case to the police, but police believe it was an economic dispute cases, no case. "I found this car through the positioning system is also in use, but if I go directly to Guangdong, can you take a carriage return, I don't know. "Mr said, now how to get the car back into the problem. Police said leasing hostile selling because he did not provide the evidence, it cannot be characterized as a fraud, if the lease is later than a period of time to return, only constitute a breach of contract. Police suggested that in such cases, he can go to Guangdong to vehicle control, and carries vehicles of the relevant formalities to alert local police, someone constitutes fraud and then handed over.