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Car rental embarrassing freeze consumption

&Nbsp;   more than a month ago, people Mr Wu in Fuzhou, a car rent a car, car businesses froze Mr NG 1000 Yuan as deposit and promised if the car does not break in the day, a months money would be unfrozen. One month later, Mr billing inquiries discovered frozen into consumption.

    2 2nd, Mr Wu XX in the province, near the Sports Center car rental rent a car, rent for one day, rent 210 Yuan. Due to non-cash transactions, Mr Wu pre-authorization for 3000 Yuan as a deposit with your bank card. On February 3 at about 9 o'clock in the evening, Mr Wu put cars back, asking his authorization of 1000 Yuan deposit, if the car does not break in the day, will thaw on its own funds after a month.

     since it is in the company's regulations, he did so. On March 4, his view the bank card statement is found, 3000 deposit has been lifted, but 1000 Yuan to the second brush is not as pre-authorization to brush off, but as a consumer, which means that this sum of money will not be returned to Mr Wu's card.

     "I not check your Bill, this money was brushed off. "Mr Wu said angrily. After discovering billing errors, he hesitate to contact dealers, car dealers said that they would accept and feedback all the time. However, Wu waited for two days without any reply, he angrily complained to the 12315.

     Mr Wu said yesterday morning that he had received information from car dealers, saying it will thaw within 15 working days for 1000 Yuan. "This is what they always did not squarely address the problem and how can I believe it? maybe someone else's money this is brushed away. "Then contacted the dealership staff reply to reporters and he got:" the company has recorded feedback as soon as possible. ”

    , Mr Wu said, car rental credit card records are stored in the computer, find mistakes at least sing with consumers, and not gloss over them. Mr Wu said, he will as soon as possible to fill out the transcript of the business sector, a law to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.