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Aim rent a pawn on "opportunity"

&Nbsp;    a man frequently rented car mortgaged to others for "borrowing", when police caught him, he was still carrying a fake registration certificates for motor vehicles.

     on November 5 last year, the city came a man to a car rental company car rental, from providing driver's license shows that the person named Zhu Mou, draw water town. "Zhu rented a car in March of that year we spend 100,000 yuan to buy the blue sedan Teana, rented for a period of two days, daily rental fee is 260 Yuan, after he paid 600 Yuan deposit, they drove off. "At that time received a company pen Chu said:" two days after the lease, he is neither to do renewal procedures, and drove back, later also couldn't get through. ”

     pen said that after more than 10 days later, Zhu's initiative on the phone, said the car had been to price 50,000 yuan in hock to others, play up the rogue. They later based on the car's GPS, found that in some quarters of the underground garage when Teana sedans, the car is completely different, half of the tire is removed, and battery was pried off.

     subsequently, Zhu lost contact. Pen and then called the police. Ning Wu antisense oligonucleotide targeting police stations after police immediately dispatched against Zhu. The afternoon of March 5, appeared in the South of Jinhua Zhu were successfully captured, an Internet café, police also seized false vehicle registration certificate in its possession.

     the investigation, Zhu is over four years old, but his ease was not attending, has no economic resources, he started aiming on the rental mortgage money to spend "business opportunities". On October 19 last year, Zhu at a car rental company in town on loan after a Fox cars, colluding with others to forge a car motor vehicle registration certificate, a motor vehicle driving license, to project cash-flow problem for the car cheap in hock to a pawnshop in Hengdian town.

     since then, tasted the sweetness of a Chu got out of hand, on November 5 of that year, respectively, November 29, on loan after the two cars, forged vehicle documents, contract project funding difficulties for the vehicle mortgage gets money to others.

    3 the night of 5th and Zhu for fraud of suspects under criminal detention by public Security Bureau. At present, the case is still pending further.