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Car hire necessary attention to eye the car rental hurt

&Nbsp;    in recent years, rising oil prices and vehicle tax increases, as well as the lottery to buy a car and so on purchase orders issued, many look forward to becoming "car group" people are turning to the rental car. Rental cars convenient and fast models random selection, and can be removed from the vehicle repair, maintenance, and inspection issues, saving time and effort.

    , however, recent rental consumer complaints more and more. Horse rental self drive tourism in Beijing last weekend, but problems, not only the car's interior exudes a peculiar taste along the way is more frequent and, finally, because the car is late for a day and be charged 900 Yuan.

2012 CCTV 3?15 the party reminds you to enjoy convenient car rental service, to keep an eye out:

     first, choose the regular car rental company car rental, rent a car before you know car rental models, written in the lease contract details, and call to confirm in front, so as to avoid cars being "substitution".

     second, ask before renting vehicles, hands-on, carefully check the gauges, lights, and the operation of the power system. For the taxi itself existing problem, must ask the rental company on record, and indicated on the rental contract.

     third, pay attention to see the rental fee of the contract, in particular, to pay attention to whether all risks, look for insurance policies.  

     the forth, customers should also keep the related contracts, bills, and proof, in case of a problem, but also well-founded.

     v, car rental if an accident occurs while you are out, you should first protect the site, and then immediately call and car rental companies to get in touch, on specific situations, and take appropriate action according to their requirements.