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Car rental requirements
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Car rental requirements

a rental on a 24 hour a day, for more than 3 hours is a long time, 6 hours a day, charging by the 200 km extra is calculated by different models, as described in the rental contract.


b, car hire period spent fuel and repair costs are covered by the lessee at their own expense.


third, strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the State during the rental, economic losses caused by the violations, illegal shall be borne by the lessee.


four rental period the lessee must be on the vehicle maintenance and warranty, if you need to change, you must secure the rental agreement, its costs are borne by the lessee at their own expense.


during a five, car rental, the lessee may not use vehicle sublease, lending, mortgage, mortgages, or people driving without a license, as it found that, in addition to criminal responsibility and economic losses, breach of 10000 Yuan.


six, the lessee all please take good care of the vehicle and the car. Not free to unload speedometers and original, if found, breach of 5000 Yuan.


seven, Cheng Chefang, please keep all portable documents, such as loss, car rental to re-submit documentation fee of 3000 Yuan.


more than eight, including inappropriate articles, please refer to the rental contract shall prevail. Authority to interpret all car rentals.


      car rental contract after evaluating, during the agreement period you will be given the right to use the rented vehicle, as a 24-hour Chengdu rescue services, if you left the Sichuan area shall be to inform the vehicle business division, we will provide you with vehicle repair services.